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About us


Historical repertoire

Seated in the Mościce Art Center in Tarnów, the group has nurtured the vivid legacy of regional customs and traditions for the past 50 years.

In that time, Świerczkowiacy have been popularizing Polish traditions and folk art both at home and abroad. The group has also run educational activities addressed to children, youth and adults, with special attention being paid to its members. We archive and store ethnographic materials relating to such fields as music, songs, dance, and national costumes. We strive to promote ethnographic and historical accordance in presenting regional folk art through researching available sources, specialist consultation, as well as running programs which undergo expert verification and assessment. Our staff publish their own papers, cooperate as an expert group with a number of Polish and foreign folk groups, and sit on competition juries. The group is associated in International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF), registered as no. 14, as one of the first in Poland.

Throughout the years, the group has cooperated with numerous outstanding specialists, folk connoisseurs, ethnographers, musicians and choreographers, including: Wanda Zach, Bożena Niżańska, Anatol Kocyłowski, Eugeniusz Sitko, Zbigniew Pieńkowski, Antoni Korytek, Honorata Kowalczyk, Maria Romowicz, and currently Wiesława Hazuka i Bata Hazuka-Skoropad.

Since its formation, the group has produced nearly a thousand alumni, and its rich portfolio consists of dozens of dance and music suites from several Polish regions (Kraków, Nowy Sącz, Rzeszów, Lublin, Spisz, Żywiec, Beskid, Opoczno, Łowicz, Kurpie, Silesia, Wielkopolska), national dances and those of the Hungarian Lesser Cumania region.


Świerczkowiacy specialize in the incredibly rich folklore of the Małopolska region and they are experts in the folklore of East Krakowiaks. They released a CD with Christmas carols entitled Śpiewajmy dziecinie (Let's sing to baby Jesus). The archives of Polish Radio include broadcasts entitled Jak się człowiek śmieje, to się dobrze dzieje (All goes well when people are happy) featuring performances by Świerczkowiacy.

The group's wardrobe room houses hundreds of genuine, mostly hand-made costumes. In the 50 years of its existence, Świerczkowiacy have represented Poland at tens of international festivals, they made 55 trips to 19 countries, visiting 149 cities. Their professionalism and dedication has won them an impressive haul of over 30 awards and distinctions. Currently, the group consists of 140 performers accompanied by a 9-person orchestra. Moreover, there are 90 children participating in the work of several groups of Mali Świerczkowiacy.

Świerczkowiacy Folk Song and Dance Group has been performing for half a century, however, as times changed, so did the its organizational form. Initially, Świerczkowiacy represented the local chemical manufacturer Zakłady Azotowe (currently Grupa Azoty), then the City of Tarnów. In the next stage, the group performed as part of the Mościce Cultural Foundation. Today, Świerczkowiacy operate under the auspices of the Mościce Art Center, a cultural institution of the Małopolska Voivodeship. The secret of the group’s success lies in both the collective and individual passion of its members, as well as in the remarkable dedication of professional coaches.

Świerczkowiacy have always been a proud ambassador of Poland at international festivals.